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What microphone to choose to shoot short video? The difference between different microphones?

claribel | 31 Mart, 2021 12:41

In recent years, in this era of developed Internet, when it comes to what industry is a popular industry, Bian Xiao is the first to choose self media. Because many individuals, teams or companies are now turning their attention to the self media industry, the new self media has gradually developed in recent years. At present, the hotter ones are Jitterbug, Racer, B station and other self media platforms. On these platforms, the main way of promotion is to rely on short videos to promote. Then to record a good short film in addition to the need for good video quality, but also need good sound quality with. Therefore, we need a good set of sound pickup equipment to receive sound. Because of the wide variety of radio equipment, such as the camera on the set-top microphone, the pole pickup microphone, the body use of the clip collar wheat, as well as outdoor and other multiple scenes using wireless wheat. (Most of these microphones can be used with cell phones)

best wireless lavalier microphone

So what kind of microphone should I choose? Some friends will say, you tell me the microphone is good, in fact, this question is difficult to answer. Because different situations, different environments, different ways of picking up sound, and different microphones to use. Today we will talk about what different microphones are suitable for and how they should be actively selected.

Then we China today to inventory several ways to compare and analyze common microphones, placed on the camera gun-type microphone is also because of what we call ourselves the overhead microphone. This microphone carries a relatively simple and compact, most students are able to plug directly into the camera's hot shoe, plus an audio cable can get to achieve plug-and-play. The compact appearance and lightweight size make this microphone active in many of the more common situations. But the pickup distance through this microphone-based microphone is an important challenge. The radio distance of this microphone depends mainly on the size of your voice, and the approximate radio range can be around 2 meters if the radio is carried out normally. Therefore, this microphone is more suitable for close-ups or%2

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